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Indigo Beauty Collective is led by Katie-Laine Thornton, an expert in the beauty industry. She is leading the pack with her extensive background in makeup + hair, education, and her desire to live an informed, ethical lifestyle and also lead a beauty business built to empower. Read more about Katie-Laine below, or check out her website for more of her personal work.


Owner | Indigo Beauty Collective

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Katie-Laine Thornton has 16 years of experience and is an expert in the beauty industry. She has a thorough knowledge of makeup for photography and an impressive understanding of ingredients and natural beauty. In addition to being a kickass artist with a talented team, Katie-Laine is also an educator and non-toxic beauty enthusiast. She loves helping people like you feel beautiful in whatever way feels authentic for you. She offers private lessons, classes, and workshops for both clients and industry professionals, and is thrilled to include non-toxic makeup applications on her service menu.


Katie-Laine is an extroverted virgo (ENFP), natural mama, and total dabbler. She has a penchant for hot tea and mystery novels, enjoys hiking, yoga, and acupuncture, and values inclusion and body positivity. Her favorite part about doing makeup and hair is helping you feel amazing, comfortable, and confident.


If you are interested in Katie-Laine's personal work or would like to book her for your photo/video shoot, private lesson, group class, or workshop, head to her website for more info.

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