Indigo Beauty Collective is a team of expert artists providing on-site, luxury wedding and event beauty services. We are here because we care about you and believe that beauty should be safe, sustainable, and highly effective. To learn more about our kickass team, read on...


Artists + Educators | Non-toxic Beauty + Wellness

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Indigo Beauty Collective is a team of expert artists providing on-site, luxury wedding and event beauty services.

Our owner Katie-Laine Thornton created Indigo Beauty Collective for the light-hearted, the discerning, the eclectic. We believe that makeup + hair styling should empower you to feel like the most polished, radiant version of yourself.


We are passionate about offering non-toxic makeup + hair options and desire to provide high-performing products with a consideration for the planet. We look for beauty products that are safe, sustainable, and highly effective, and use them as often as we can without compromising quality or performance. We are also actively trying to improve in this area and have made it our goal to continue to move toward a non-toxic and sustainable future.


Every artist on our team has been carefully chosen by Katie-Laine to represent Indigo Beauty Collective and support her mission. It is important to her that all of our lead artists have similar skill levels and industry experience, and/or have been trained by her personally. Indigo Beauty Collective is built on consistency - consistent, luxury beauty services that will not only photograph well, but will help you feel like your authentic self.


At Indigo Beauty Collective, we are committed to serving people from all walks of life. As an inclusive company, we value uniqueness and work to celebrate your individuality. In order to provide the best experience for you, we match you with an artist that we feel will best bring your vision to life!


We would love to chat with you about your specific event and are here to talk through further questions or details.